Love your book, "8 Characteristics of The Awesome Adjuster". I bought a copy of it some 10 years ago and it is still a valuable resource. For the past several years I have been mentoring adjusters in our company who are looking to move up to larger and complicated losses. The first thing I have these adjusters do is read your book.
Darrell Portz, Executive General Adjuster at ClaimsPro Inc.

No one, before Carl Van, was able to bring such meaningful information to our employees in such a direct way, using Real Life examples. The lively style, quick wit and humorous stories and examples were right on point and just what our company needed.
Bernie Rosauer, Claims Director, Ameriprise (Formerly American Express Assurance)

We have had literally hundreds of guest speakers in the past, all top quality. But Carl Van's performance was without a doubt the most poignant, thought provoking and entertaining session we have ever had.
Scott Jurek, Executive Director, Westfield Group

Carl Van brings a unique and refreshing style to his very dynamic presentations. He is able to relate his high level theories to all levels of employees within the organization. The information he provides is interesting, helpful, and useful right away.
Wendell Lambert, Administration Manager, Texas Farm Bureau

I learned so much that I can put into practice immediately. Now, it's back to business-I have to update my "working To Do List"!!
Teresa A. Headrick, PCS, ITP Director of Training, Sales Support Center, Client Service Center of Unum Provident.)
I attended one of your seminars recently at our office in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Great Presentation! I hope to convince my boss we can't afford not to expose all of our Fire claim people to your presentation. Thanks for the 8 Characteristics book. Its really on point and maybe the best "read" a new or experienced claim rep could ever take advantage of.
Steve Davis, Fire Claims Operations

Carl Van's training style is very engaging. Making it interesting and fun always improves my opinion of the training.
Montana State Fund Team Leader

Today was an amazing class given by Carl Van. He was humorous in his delivery which kept you interested & focused on what he was actually teaching you. I have been in this business for 40 years as an adjuster and it is refreshing to see that you can still teach an old dog new tricks. It was an interesting & informative experience & I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned some new techniques that I plan to use. I thank him for his instruction.
Linda Brennan, Adjuster III, Germania Insurance

Carl is a FABULOUS speaker! Highly recommend sitting in on one his trainings. I personally cannot WAIT to get a copy of one of his books- Attitude, Ability and The 80/20 Rule!
Kacie Haywood, Customer Service Office Adjuster, Germania Insurance

Attended your Customer Service Training class today and I want to say "Thank You", it certainly opened my eyes to a different approach with Customers. I left your class so inspired and ready for change. Thank you again!!!
Denise Stolz, Sr. Web Design & Special Proj Coordinator, Germania Insurance
Carl's presentation on customer service was dynamic and engaging. His diverse industry background and experience in our industry provide his audience a practical perspective that can be applied immediately to our daily service challenges.
Stewart Bates, Senior Training Specialist, Germania Insurance

Great and outstanding class. Wonderful and helpful information in helping me provide outstanding customer services to everyone. One of the best classes we have had. Thanks again for coming & sharing your knowledge.
Shana Muske, Claims Adjuster III, Germania Insurance

Carl was great today, 3-6-12, here at Germania as he demonstrated what it takes to be great in giving customer service and how we all need to refocus our minds and attitudes if we want to be #1 in customer experience. He was also fun and entertaining and I hope that we can have him back again.
Steve Ivy, Director of Quality Assurance, Germania Insurance

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar today and learned a great many things that I cannot wait to try. My job title is AKA CUSTOMER SERVICE! Many thanks.
Deborah Noerenberg, Sr Property Claims Specialist, Germania Insurance

Great speaker! Enjoyable and informative class. I would not hesitate to hear him again or go to a class.
Stacy Gaskamp, Office Adjuster III, Germainia Insurance
Very informative. He kept the class interesting and was entertaining while providing useful information.
Carol Quinn, Claims Adjuster, Germania Insurance

I enjoyed how enthusiastic you were today. I am changing the way I think!
Migdalia Salinas, Office Adjuster II, Germania Insurance

This wasn't the same old "put a smile in your voice" customer service training session. This was a presentation that wakes you up, gets you thinking outside of the box and makes you want to improve youself. Definitely an eye opening experience that I was very glad to be a part of.
Olivia Davis, Underwriter, Germania Insurance

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I feel that I learned a great deal in a short amount of time that is useful in everyday claims handling. I now have a new perspective on what my role is within the claim department, or rather what it should be. I have already attempted one of the tips you taught us in regards to talking on the phone and I look forward to trying and implementing others. Thank you for your time and insight!
Sarah Gaskamp, Property Office Adjuster, Germania Insurance

Thoroughly enjoyed my time in your training this week. I have already made sticky notes as reminders on my monitor! Thanks for the great ideas and hope to see you again.
Dayne Liescheski, Claims Adjuster, Germania Insurance
The class was very interesting! I enjoyed the real life examples that he gave throughout the class. There was never a dull moment and always something to learn throughout the class.
Amanda Klehm, Casualty Claims Adjuster, Germania Insurance

Provided a great training class on customer service! Lot of different material not given in other prior customer service training that will help me do my job better! Thanks Carl, will hopefully get to hear you again in the future!
Tammy Goldberg, Sr. Property Underwriter, Germania Insurance

Very interesting and informative presentation. There were definitely topics covered that will assist in my job performance and the performance of my CSRs. Thanks!
Shirley Alford, Customer Service Supervisor, Germania Insurance

Carl gave a great presentation. It was very interesting and useful.
Lee Ann Chambers, Underwriter, Germania Insurance

Great class. Wish we would have had more time. A lot of good information to be absorbed in a short period of time.
Marlene Leopold, Underwriter, Germania Insurance
Carl was in our office on Tuesday March 6, he was great. I got some great points about customer service and how to be better. thanks a lot!
Kimberly Wilson, Claims Adjuster, Germania Insurance

I was thoroughly engaged as well as entertained by Carl as he taught his negotiation skills principles. Well worth the time commitment for the novice and seasoned professional alike.
Larry LaTour, WC Claim Manager, CNA Insurance

Carl's seminar was incredibly informative and he was very entertaining. I truly enjoyed listening to him and found his tips to be very useful. I would recommend it to anyone who negotiates in their professional and/or personal lives. Thank you.
Thomas Carafa, Senior Trial Attorney, CNA Insurance

Carl's presentation by far was the best we have ever had. He was interesting, funny and inspiring. We have never had so many people say they wished he would have been booked to speak longer. Fantastic!
Mike Cook, Claims Manager, Garden State Insurance

Our survey results were wonderful after Carl's presentation. This is not surprising, considering the immediate and positive feedback I received from my team. I was amazed at the number of employees who thanked me for scheduling the session. Thanks again for giving us tools to make us better at serving our customers.
Roger Kaage, Vice President, Rockford Mutual
Carl is a fantastic speaker! He captivates the adjusters with his unique charm; training on useful everyday challenges. He is a speaker you will use again and again.
Deborah Wolfenbarger, Sr. Vice President, Allcat Claims Service

Whether in the class room or in a large convention hall, our staff has always responded well to Carl's positive, relatable message. His ability to tailor that message to our needs and the audience ensure that everyone wins. He is able to make his point by simplifying...and then clarifying. His idea of service dovetails our own perfectly. He is funny, entertaining, and informative. We look forward to seeing him every year.
Brian Baker, Assistant Secretary and Manager, Field Claims, Cincinnati Insurance Company

Mr. Vans class is very informative. I've learned alot of new ways to provide outstanding customer service as well as to learn to take more control of my insured's calls, and make my work time more efficient. My goal is to always provide the utmost customer service and he has helped me achieve that. He also keeps your attention by making the class fun while you are learning.I've enjoyed this class very much. Thank you.
Dina Kane, Claims adjuster, Highpoint Insurance

Great presentation! Very informative and entertaining. Carl did a fantastic job showing we have the ability to influence other people's actions and reactions by altering what we do and how we speak. Failure is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Carl has given us another tool to succeed. Thanks!
Michele Perez, QA Consultant, Foremost Insurance

Carl was an interesting speaker giving different views on how to gain cooperation from customers. I found it interesting and the ideas will be useful in my business. Thank you for the book and the session. David Larson
David Larson, Crop Insurance Specialist, RCIS
Carl Van is an enthusiastic, motivational and knowledgeable speaker! His customer service and branding seminar offers great insight on how to improve listening skills, gain the trust of customers, and exceed customer expectations. His training will have an immediate and positive impact on customer retention.
Pat Martucci, Casualty Claim Professional, Plymouth Rock Assurance Company

Carl Van is an dynamic and entertaining speaker with an impressive command of his material. He offers simple techniques that can easily be applied in the workplace -- I'm looking forward to returning to the office to implement what I've learned. I would definitely attend any seminar he is presenting.
Stacy Joy, Assistant Claims Manager, State Compensation Insurance Fund

Carl Van is a dynamic speaker, clearly knows his material and is able to convey techniques that we can actually apply in our daily jobs. This is a tough time for all in our company and I found his class inspiring. As I work towards improving myself, I hope that I can inspire people to do the same. I highly recommend attending one of his classes and hope to have the opportunity again myself.
Jill Chagolla, Assistant Claims Manager, State Compensation Insurance Fund

The pace of today's class was excellent, with the second half moving even faster than the first. Carl keeps you engaged with a variety of techniques. I liked the activity on responding to a negative statement with a positive one. Another area I found meaningful was the pre-training pep talk and homework(to give your employees)and the practice conversations around viewing classes as opportunities. With the numbers we were given on typical phone call volume I hope to enhance the emphasis on customer service, in my department, by explaining how a few changes in habits can reduce work and create happier customers who call less frequently.
Dina Camiolo, Claims Manager, State Fund

This course is helping me to realize that it will take some effort to change the habits that we have built after years of working in an insurance company. I am looking forward to reading the books. Thank you.
Lucia Hinojos, Medical Provider Network Representative, State Compensation Insurance Fund