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Professional Speaker

Now is the time to reintroduce the word “customer” into “customer service.” Carl Van is one of the most highly sought-after keynote speakers and presenters at claims conferences in the U.S. and Canada. He has dedicated his life to studying the claims organization, developing classes and programs to improve the success of individualsworking in the industry. But Carl’s extensive knowledge extends far beyond the insurance industry. His commitment to improving both employee and customer experience has made him a leading expert on topics such as company morale, time management, business communication, and customer service—important and timely no matter the industry. The best way to improve an employee’s performance is by inspiring him to improve himself. Though his topics are serious, Carl keeps audiences interested and entertained using audience participation, real-life examples, and the right amount of humor. Through interactive and engaging presentations, Carl shares his wit, wisdom, knowledge, and sixth sense for dealing with people, whether those people are co-workers, customers, or casual acquaintances. Look for ways to make something work rather than searching for why it won’t. Carl’s most requested topics revolve around customer service, employee motivation, and coaching for managers.  

Trainer & Instructor

Performance is a combination of 80 percent attitude and only 20 percent ability. Along with being the keynote speaker at major conferences around the country, Carl Van is a trainer at an international U.S.-Japanese executive training program, guest speaker at hundreds of claims association seminars, and opening presenter at some of the most prestigious conferences in the nation including the ACE national conference.

Carl began his business career in 1980, quickly moving up the management ranks to Vice President/General Manager of a 600-employee company. He is currently President & CEO of International Insurance Institute, a company dedicated to the enhancement of the insurance claims industry and now widely considered the single best claims training company in the U.S. and Canada.

Carl has been an instructor for numerous educational associations and is the author of over 75 technical and soft-skill workshops taught throughout the U.S., Canada, Newfoundland, and U.K. He has designed 5 in-house training programs for companies throughout the nation and written over 50 articles for numerous national magazines.