Speaker Topics

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Topics for Guest Speaking are usually designed to meet your objective and your specific audience. If you are looking for ideas, below is a list of just some of the current topics available.


  • Awesome Customer Service: You're Good. You Can Get Better
  • How to Avoid Losing Customers
  • The Customer Service Standards: 5 Things to Never Forget
  • Practical Negotiations: Stop Arguing and Start Agreeing
  • Real Life Time Management
  • Stress Management: Give Yourself a Break Before You Die
  • Improving your Attitude and Initiative
  • Getting People's Cooperation - A Few Easy Steps
  • What Customers Hate - And Why We Do It
  • If You Can't Say it Simply and Clearly, Then You Don't Know What You're Talking About: Some Business Writing Basics
  • Empathy: The Power Tool of Customer Service
  • Why Are They Calling Me? Things to do to Reduce Nuisance Calls
  • Let Me Do My Job: Simple Steps to get People to be Patient and Let You Do Your Job.
  • Trust Me: Effective Ways to Gain Credibility
  • Saying No: The Right Way (and easy way), or The Wrong Way (the hard way)
  • Listening Skills: How to Avoid Missing the Point
  • Teamwork: Ways to Reduce the Work Created by Individualism
  • How to inspire constant improvement in your people


  • Handling Your Difficult Employees (Without Threats and Violence)
  • Teaching and Coaching for Supervisors and Managers
  • Initiative: How to Develop it in Your Staff
  • Stop Wasting Your Time - Practical Time Management for Managers
  • Effective Delegation: Why People Hate It When You Delegate, and How to Change That
  • Creating and Duplicating the Perfect Policy Holder Experience